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I've been in this industry for a while now and I have to say I don't see things get any less cluttered or confusing for you. With the popularity of the internet, facebook and blogs, you are opened up even more poor information, dogmatic views, and downright scams. The Fat Loss Troubleshoot and my work is a breath of fresh air in this sea of confusion. I welcome you to my page and allow me to introduce myself.


If Someone Can't Lose Fat, They Come To Me.

My name is Leigh Peele. I am a trainer, writer, and life lover. I am the author of The Fat Loss Troubleshoot as well as the books Starve Mode and Body By Eats. I truly believe one of my life purposes, narcissistic or not, is to help people help themselves.

Through the years I have tested, experimented, and researched fat loss. I know everything there is to know about fat loss based on current research and personal data. I have tested and waded through every style of plateau there is. There is no fat loss "problem" I can't help you solve. I can do this because of my vast experience with helping others and myself, while also understanding the complexities of the human body.

It is my whole-hearted belief, that this book will help you and that my work is not in vain. Take a moment to read through this page or my work, and learn for yourself what I am about. You will find I am not some cold untouchable guru, and I am certainly not about dogmatic or gimmick teachings. My genius is an advanced simplicity that you may desperately be desiring.

-Leigh Peele

Everyone Needs Education

I have helped athletes, other trainers, actors, parents, seniors, and my own friends and family tackle their dreams. Even myself. One of the hardest things in life is to admit you need help. The good news is, if you want it, it is yours for the taking. All you have to do is dive into the education with an open mind and do the best you can to quiet the myths and errors you have encountered through your life thus far.

With this package you will learn:

  • How energy works in the body
  • How macronutrients really affect your fat loss
  • The kind of training you should and should not do for fat loss
  • What every diet you choose has to achieve in order to lose fat
  • How to tell if you are losing weight or losing water
  • How to actually maintain fat loss
  • How to pick your goal numbers
  • Tools to measure caloric burn
  • Lessons on meal timing and training nutrition
  • Much more


My pictures speak for themselves.

Finding Leigh has been one of the greatest discoveries of my life. I was a slightly overweight 30-something office worker, unhappy with my shape but not sure how to change it. Time and time again I'd make it to the third day of a diet, be overwhelmed with hunger, and order a pizza.

I worked out 3 or 4 days a week and thought I had a healthy diet, so I was confused, frustrated, and demoralized by the weight I just couldn't seem to drop. I was stuck in a terrible cycle of negative self-esteem perpetuated by my inability to have the body I wanted.

After I found Leigh and read The Fat Loss Troubleshoot, I lost 38 pounds in 10 months and have now kept 100% of the weight off for 2 years and counting. I'm a member and plan to be for life, because every week I gain more knowledge on the forums or through Leigh's podcasts. Thank you, Leigh, for changing my life!



I am so eternally grateful to have found Leigh.

How do I love Leigh? Let me count the ways:

1. Her integrity is second to none. 2. She is the consummate professional. 3. She has the breadth and depth of knowledge of an octogenarian PhD with five post-doctorates. 4. Her insight into the human psyche is borderline spooky. 5. It's clear she values her clients' success over her own personal gain. 6.-9. She's compassionate, non-judgmental, straightforward, and has a great sense of humor to boot! 10. Leigh Peele is inspiring, both in fitness and in life.

Her books helped me stop spinning my wheels and finally shed the college fat I'd been trying to lose for over 10 years with great frustration and zero success. I have now been easily maintaining a happy and healthy weight for several years. Best of all, I no longer have to sift through all the conflicting health and fat loss information out there, wondering what's legit and what's a myth.



I haven't felt this good in a long time.

I have an old photo from 2008, man was I fat. I used/use that photo to motivate myself to get back/stay in shape. When I was younger I weighed over 300 lbs.

I managed to get back into the 230's where I wasn't quite so disgusting. And that's where I stayed until 2012 when I joined the Leigh's Screw the Scales challenge I pushed myself beyond what I believed at the time to be my limits and I did a duathlon, I ran a 5k, biked 30k, then ran another 5k. This is the first time I have managed to lose weight in a long time. I used kind of a hybrid version of the 6c diet and went back to the weights and began working on my posture and flexibility.

I got down to 218 and then took a 2 week break. I have stayed about the same 218-219. My energy level is up and I'm ready to start again. Right now I'm kind of in a maintenance phase in a small deficit. I'm not done, I have new goals, I'm learning to swim (because of the latest challenge), so a sprint triathlon is just around the corner.

I absolutely find you to be motivational, tough and helpful all at the same time. You helped me realize I don't know it all. Yes, I am a man, and I'm admitting I need a map.



I love Leigh Peele!

I love her no nonsense yet very supportive attitude. I know that anything I read from her will be legit info that I can trust and use on myself and with my own clients.



After a lifelong battle with my weight and countless "diets", Leigh Peele's work just made good, solid sense.

For the first time in my life, I felt like I was taking control of my diet and of my body. I lost weight, but probably even more importantly than that, I was able to do some major body recomposition and also to change my relationship with food.

Leigh Peele is top notch--she does her research and she cares about her clients. She presents her information in a no-nonsense manner that is easy to understand and is clearly backed up with research. I can't think of anyone better to be in your fat loss corner.



Amazing how simple it really is when I stop kidding myself.

In January you and I had an email exchange as to why I was not seeing any progress in my weight loss and you thought I was making too many errors in my tracking and probably just needed to buckle down and forgo the wine and desserts on weekends for a while. Well it worked! I finally hit my goal weight of 112 lbs (a 6.5lb weight loss) from when I started the your fitness challenge!

I am going on vacation for my 40th birthday. I have to say that I feel great right now and am so excited to have reached by goal by the Big Day!



I haven't seen the 170s since 2005.

Two weeks, 10 lbs (a total loss of 26.2 lbs) with a pulled hamstring no less!

A special thank you must go out to Leigh Peele. Her ebooks have opened my eyes about weight loss.


Who Is This Material For?

This material literally has something to offer everyone. It isn't just about how advanced you are or not, it's about learning the truth. It's about the right delivery.

Are you...:

  • Trying to lose the last few pounds?
  • Trying to lose any pounds?
  • Frustrated and tired of not knowing what to do?
  • Spinning your wheels?
  • An expert on diet programs and supplements, but can't make it work for yourself?
  • Confused by what you can or can't eat?
  • Wondering who to trust or if you can trust anyone?
  • Looking for education on how this all really works?
  • Wanting to take control of your life?
  • Wanting to have it all and actually keep it?

Then this material is for you.


Thanks Leigh for all you have done. YOU ARE THE JAM!

I have struggled with weight and weight issues my entire life. I grew up an plump child. By the time I was 23 I had 3 kids all c section and my journey to finally lose the weight began.

I don't recall how I came across Leigh Peele and her fat loss troubleshoot, but I ordered it. I sat and read the entire thing in one day! I realized there are no magic tricks or magic diets. I worked with Leigh through consulting and phone calls. She really showed me that accountability was the key to my success. She always told me when I was ready I would do it! She was right!

You have to decide that no matter what you can be healthy and make it a priority. I have finally stopped letting the excuses of "life" get in my way. I honestly believe that had it not been for finding LP I would still be yo-yo dieting or trying to find the "next big idea!" I finally feel like I can enjoy my life and still be healthy!

My highest weight after 3rd child is 180lbs. Started with Leigh, I am now at my lowest in years of 132.



I now eat when I want, what I want and don't stress or obsess about either.

I'm very happy I have come across Leigh Peele and her website. Her no-nonsense, straightforward advice made sense for the first time after the years of confusion. I spent my late twenties working out too much, eating in a disorderly way and generally hating my body for not being as slim as I wanted it to be.

Leigh's advice had almost a therapeutic effect on my poor stressed brain because deep down I felt it was reasonable. Over the last few years I learnt to listen to my body and trust it.

Letting go also meant that I'm now the size I always wanted to be and have no difficulty maintaining it. I'm very grateful to Leigh for giving me the knowledge and the ammunition to lead a much healthier and happier life.



Thank you, I never could have done this without your help and programing

After working with Leigh one-on-one and using the principles of the Fat Loss Troubleshoot I have lost over 60 pounds of fat and gained a lot of muscle!

I look forward to getting even stronger and getting my body fat % even lower.



I can't even quantify the positive effect on people's lives Leigh's work has had.

I was putting in so much effort and yielding no results, which was of course extremely frustrating and defeating.

Somehow, by the grace of some unknown force or random luck, I stumbled upon Leigh Peele. I watched that video clip which exposes our distorted notions of portion size. I started weighing and logging everything (before there were apps to make it easy).

Leigh gives you the math, the science, the truth, no matter how unfair it may seem. What has always amazed me about Leigh is how incredibly accessible she makes herself to her clients, and how relentless she is in her pursuit of sharing her truths and wisdom. I often share the knowledge she's bestowed upon me with friends, family, and anyone who'll listen.



Leigh knows there are few one-size-fits-all methods, approaches, or outcomes.

We're all unique and, while Leigh can give general, guiding principles, she will rarely say "such-and-such method is foolproof for everyone."

She understands of the science and she has read the studies behind the sexy, "trend of the week" headlines. Leigh will not hesitate to point out the flaws - and the positives - in any given diet trend or program, and she will explain exactly what a given study actually said. She's not afraid to speak her mind.

Since discovering Leigh my own fat loss and body recomp process has been a very gradual one with some ups and downs... and it's not quite done yet! But with Leigh's guidance and the support of her and the forum members, I've made significant progress. I am confident that I will reach my ultimate goal in the coming year.



Her resources are backed by the most current and rigorous research

I first discovered Leigh Peele by listening to the "FitCast." Intrigued by her dynamic personality and tell-it-like-it-is advice, I sought out her Membership site, where I found a comprehensive support system that included cookbooks, podcasts, articles, and fitness challenges for optimizing diet, training, and lifestyle.

Her resources, like renowned "Fatloss Troubleshoot, are backed by the most current and rigorous research, but are relayed to be accessible to all clients. I look forward to learning what this innovative and prolific professional will come up with next!



Thank you Leigh, your no BS approach to weight loss is almost unique out there.

I'm happy to report that since I bought the program from Leigh, my fitness has taken off in leaps and bounds. I was an amateur athlete until I was 25, and then life's demands got in the way.

Not anymore. Three months on Opt Remix, and I have the SAME waist I had in my mid-20's. I'm now rocking around 13% BF, which I seriously haven't had in over 15 years!!! I can see my abs for the first time in this long. I'm blown away. I bounce out of bed at 6 am each morning I train, keen to get into it. I'm aiming for about 8% BF, and hoping to sustain it.

I'm carefully supplementing the Opt Remix with some extra exercises from my days as a gymnast, and am on track to be able to hold an iron cross on the rings. It'll be my 40th birthday present to myself! I'm close now, and haven't been able to do this since 1996.

I feel fortunate to have found your program.



Everyone has a gimmick. Leigh's gimmick is the absent of one.

No one tells it like it is like Leigh. She is real with her advice and sensitive to the individuals in need of help obtaining their personal goals. Leigh knows how to give enough freedom in training and in diet to make life seem less about when you're training and what is and is not on your diet plan.

Along with this freedom she makes it clear that it is the individual's responsibility to use their freedom to progress to their goals. I really like how Leigh provides a map and all the tools without holding your hand...too much at least;)



Thank you Leigh for enriching my life and telling me the truth about fat loss.

I came across Leigh's website when I read "WTF Can I Eat?" blog post and saw the video. It was hilarious but informative - I was intrigued. She was very different from any fitness professionals I have come across.

I knew principles of nutrition, but struggled with a psychological side of dieting. I listened to all of the podcasts (multiple times) and read everything Leigh wrote because it really resonated with me. They are fantastic, just binge series alone is pure gold! I can't believe Leigh doesn't charge for it. Virtually all topics connected with dieting are in the podcasts.

My professors at university weren't able to explain things in such way that I would understand like Leigh did.



She presents all the science and all the facts behind fat loss and filters through all the research about fat loss that is out there. No gimmicks, just truth.

I had always wanted to lose some weight but I never thought I could. I was never obese "technically," just a little overweight sometimes, but most times I was a healthy BMI. But, I didn't feel comfortable and I couldn't really wear the clothes that I wanted as I needed to be a few sizes smaller to look good in them! So really for me, it was about comfort and vanity!

I decided to do what I do best: research. So began my search for the truth. This of course led me to Leigh and always leads me back to Leigh. I counted calories to lose weight and now I eat intuitively and make sure I get in a lot of NEAT. And no, I didn't do anything special, I didn't lie to myself and accounted for everything.

I have never been the weight and size I am now; from a size 12 US to a size 6 and I feel so comfortable and wear the clothes I want; fashion is my passion now! This is where I want to be.

Thanks Leigh, I feel very comforted by the fact that there are people like you out there;true to your beliefs which happen to be based on facts.



I would recommend Leigh to anyone who wants evidence-based, informed and perceptive advice.

Before I met Leigh, I was becoming very frustrated with my progress: I was eating very low calories, full of aches and pains, and over-exercising. My fat-loss progress had stalled completely.

Leigh spotted aspects that I hadn't really considered properly, such as my postural and digestive problems. Dealing with these two issues has helped enormously; I am digesting food more effectively and I am moving with greater ease.

I began to eat in a more sustainable way and developed a less extreme approach to exercise.

I have some way to go (the last few pounds) but I now feel that I can achieve this.



I purchased Leigh's Fat Loss Troubleshoot Book and it has been a godsend

I find myself referring back to the book on a regular basis. It provides in depth diet, nutrition, and exercise information and it is written in a manner that is easy to understand so you can apply to your life.

Leigh cares about the entire package - she doesn't just tell you to count calories and exercise yourself to death - she cares about your entire well being. She really makes you dig deep and analyze why you do the things you do that sabotage you from reaching your goals and your full potential. I also listen to Leigh's podcasts on a regular basis, they are great for my long walks!



She does not work with fuzzy math, diet trends or gimmicks--she just tells you how it is

I first became aware of Leigh by an essay she wrote regarding the psychological process of making change in your life with fitness. It caught my attention because I have heard lots of weight loss and fitness pitches having tried different diet plans over the years and her message was different and she was also not afraid to answer some of the tough questions. I checked her website and podcasts on iTunes. She addressed aspects of weight loss, fitness and just taking care of yourself that I had not seen before.

I purchased her Fat Loss Troubleshoot along the her website membership. If you are ready to dump the diet book merry-go-round, please look at what Leigh has to offer and be ready to do your homework. She tells you how to get there on a weight loss perspective, how it is really simple but not easy at all.



The Fat Loss Troubleshoot is the most comprehensive book on fat loss available

Leigh has a way of explaining things that just clicks. When you read or listen to her material, you feel like you are being educated by the most informed person you've ever met. She takes all of the books, studies, articles, and data she has collected and makes it accessible and easy to understand for the reader. She also has a membership site available for those who need a little extra help.

Working with Leigh and using the principles of the Fat Loss Troubleshoot, I have lost over 20 pounds and kept it off for years. I am much more active and I have even started Figure Skating. My life is fantastic and I never could have gotten to where I am with out Leigh's help. Buy the book, you won't regret it!

-Katie of

Here Is A Look At What You Are Getting

The Fat Loss Troubleshoot

You get the 4th edition of The Fat Loss Troubleshoot. 180+ pages of troubleshooting and educating material. Inside, you will find education on everything from:

- Caloric intake and activity factors
- Macronutrient types and needs
- Workout nutrition research (up-to-date)
- Training styles and protocols
- Success measurement techniques
- Plateau evaluations and breaking skills
- Much more

This is THE definitive guide to fat loss. If you are confused, frustrated or feeling hopeless about your results - this can be the beginning to that ending.

The Fat Loss Troubleshoot - Audiobook

You get the 4th edition of The Fat Loss Troubleshoot and all 180+ pages in audio format. Personally, I love audiobooks. I use them as much as I can because I am a busy person and love getting my information while driving, training, or running errands. Instead of having to make a choice of one or the other, I give you both. The format is in MP3 form.

F80 - Fat Loss Program

F80 is the official training program of The Fat Loss Troubleshoot. It provides you nutrient education, cardio, strength, and mobility program. It helps you achieve fat loss on a whole different level and with total control.

You will also be supplied with the F80 Calculator that will help you see results happening before you eyes, even if the scale is playing tricks on you.
This program also provides logs and exercise descriptions.

Goal Sheet

Goal setting is crucial to your success, not only in fat loss, but in life. This goal sheet is made especially for you to map out the course of your work and plans while going through this journey.

Body By Eats - Preview Cookbook

You get some of the best recipes that Body By Eats has to offer including:
- Perfect Protein Eggs
- Chocolate PB Souffle
- Artichoked Chicken
- Na Na Naan Pizza
- and many more.

All recipes include nutritional states and measurements both in in scale weight and spoon/cup devices.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

You can also keep the material even with a refund. There is really nothing to lose there unless you realize you don't like it 61 days later.

Purchase The Fat Loss Troubleshoot Now

This product is an instant download of digital content

You get 60 days to read, test, listen, and use Fat Loss Troubleshoot. If you are not happy within that time, you can request a refund, no questions asked. Since these materials are digital copies, you will be able to keep them. Really, there is nothing to lose and I am at the mercy of your own honesty, not the other way around. In my opinion, that is how I desire it to be as a customer myself. If you have any question, please contact me immediately. Contact information is below in the footer. Note: Billing will show a charge from or CLKBANK*COM not from or

Q: Is this a hard copy or digital ebook?
This is a digital ebook and audiobook that is delivered instantly to your computer.

Q: Can this be used on Kindle or other reading devices.
This is a standard PDF document. Most reading devices have apps or can automatically read a PDF file.

Q: Do I need any special supplements or foods?
No. This isn't that kind of a book.

Q: Am I not allowed to eat anything?
No. This isn't that kind of a book.

Q: I'm vegetarian or Paleo or vegan or Keto. Will this be a problem?
No. One of this book's purpose is to give you back dietary freedom.

Q: Do I need any special equipment to use this program?
I try to design these training programs so that the majority of people who want to start getting stronger and lose fat can do so with relative ease. If you have access to dumbbells and can use your bodyweight - you can use the training program provided.

Q:What is the difference between Starve Mode & The Fat Loss Troubleshoot?
I've tried to come up with the most simplistic way of relaying this answer, and here is what I have come up with.

The Fat Loss Troubleshoot focuses specifically on fat loss, how fat loss works, and how to troubleshoot if having problems with your fat loss. It also covers typical (and unique) fat loss stall situation, how to set up proper fat loss plans, and education on nutrition and training.

They do cross paths at certain points and having both is a tremendous asset to your goals, but they are very different books.

Starve Mode focuses specifically on how the metabolism works, what "slows" or "speeds" it, and how to optimize it in ANY situation. It also covers how to reset metabolic behavior if you feel you are in a spot of decrease metabolic activity.

Q: How can I contact you if I have a question?
Email contact is in the footer, as well as my facebook page. Don't hesitate to send a message.

Q:Do you really give refunds/good customer service?
I hate poor customer service. I am a consumer too. I buy books and materials off pages and websites just like this one. I expect to be treated with respect and I wouldn't treat you with any less respect than I require. You send me an email if you have any problems.

Q:Is there an age limit for this material? Is it friendly for those who are seniors or post-menopausal?
This material is for anyone over the age of 18. These principles are applicable to any age because it is not gimmicky or dependent upon unrealistic expectations.